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With a proven track record in global sports events ticketing, glosancon-sports brings you an online course introducing you to the world of ticketing sports events. Built upon the foundation of over a decade of industry experience, this course provides its participants with several modules introducing topics including:

  • Project Management in Ticketing
  • Strategy, Sales & Distribution Approaches
  • Ticketing Reporting
  • Practical Ticketing Tools with Examples

This course is specifically curated for sports business and event management students, as well as professionals in the early stages of their careers in sports and event management.

Upon completion of this introductory course, participants can expect to have an improved understanding of ticketing and that it is about far more than just simply selling tickets.

A unique aspect of this offering is its CPD certification, ensuring that the content aligns with professional development standards and offers genuine value to its participants.

Join us in learning more about the multifaceted and exciting world of ticketing sports events and, why:

“We are proud to be in the business of making memories.”

Learning by Glosancon Ltd

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See what experts have to say:

Paulo César Silva

Ticketing Operations Manager, 

2026 Winter Olympics Milano Cortina

This online course is an insightful and powerful tool that promotes and grows knowledge in all aspects of the ticketing business. It targets current market players in ticketing, students, and entry-level professionals in sports business/event management.

The format of the modules and the duration of this programme make it highly intuitive, structured, and engaging. The time commitment is ideal, as the impact on those working full-time is minimal. With their vast industry experiences glosancon-sports provide a practical perspective of the Ticketing Business Ecosystem. This fosters a greater learning experience by enabling understanding through various ticketing event approaches.

I highly recommend the 'Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events' online course to those looking to enhance their career with applied skills and knowledge gained from the programme.

Joel D'Souza

Sports Sponsorship Expert

with +8 years of experience

I often get students expressing interest in a career in sports, and I always inquire about their preferred area of work. While many opt for Operations or Sponsorships, and a significant number show enthusiasm for Marketing, the field of Ticketing rarely gets mentioned.

Ticketing is extremely crucial as a revenue source, especially at Major events and for sports teams who are keen on growing sustainably. Therefore, I recommend the Glosancon Sports' 'Introduction to Ticketing' course developed by Shah-Zeib Ahmed. Shah is an expert in ticketing, having contributed to the success of major events like the FIFA Men's and Women's World Cups and the Rugby League World Cup. His course covers the entire ticketing project cycle, strategies for event ticketing, capacity and inventory planning, maximising sales and distribution, and explores current trends and tools essential for enhancing the fan experience.

These skills are vital not just for those in ticketing but for anyone involved in sports management. An Added benefit is the CPD certification! So, if you're at all curious about making a big splash in the sports world and finding your niche, give Shah and Glosancon Sports course a shot!

Kunal Sheth

Sports Administrator

with +6 years of experience

Glosancon Sports' online course stands out as a valuable asset for comprehensively understanding and expanding knowledge in the dynamic realm of sports ticketing. It provides an enlightening learning experience accessible to individuals across different backgrounds.

The meticulously structured modules foster active engagement, making it easier for participants to grasp complex concepts. Furthermore, the course illuminates the latest trends and tools in ticketing, offering a practical perspective that brings the intricacies of the ticketing world to life.

For those seeking to deepen their understanding of the sports industry, I wholeheartedly recommend enrolling in the 'Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events' course. It promises not only enhanced knowledge but also practical insights that can significantly contribute to one's proficiency in the field.

Exclusive Interview with JustTikit

Shah-Zeib is the power behind the course: “Sold Out – An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events”, focusing on ticketing sports events. The course aims to nurture future ticketing and entertainment leaders, providing insights into the ticketing ecosystem and offering CPD certification for professional development.

"New online ticketing course aims to develop leaders of the future" - TheTicketingBusiness.com

The ‘Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events’ course covers the ticketing ecosystem and offers CPD certification, ensuring that the content aligns with professional development standards. It has been developed by Glosancon Sports, a consultancy specialised in ticketing.

Topics covered in the syllabus include project management in ticketing, ticketing reporting and strategy, sales and distribution approaches.

Glosancon Sports said participants can expect to gain an improved understanding of the ticketing process, going beyond the traditional view of ticketing as merely a sales activity.

This course emphasises the significance of ticketing in creating memorable experiences and its multifaceted role in the sports industry.

The online course taking you behind the scenes of ticketing - BehindSport.com

Ticketing is a vital cog in the live sport machine and without it, the experience we all love and know would be non-existent. But how do you actually get into a career in ticketing? Shah-Zeib Ahmed and Glosancon Learning have launched an online course titled ‘Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events‘. We sat down with Shah to learn more about it.

Online Course Disclaimer

This online course is designed strictly for educational and informational purposes only.

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This course does not endorse or imply endorsement of any entities, including organisations, systems, or venues.

The opinions and views presented are those of the course creators alone.

Participants are encouraged to conduct their own research and make informed decisions based on their individual or organisational needs.

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  • Stable internet connection.

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Basic Computer Literacy

  • Ability to navigate the platform.


How can I get my CPD Certificate?

Learning by Glosancon Ltd is a recognised member of The CPD Certification Service (Member No.: 018397). Participants will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development, upon completion of this online course.

For any queries in relation to the course or the certificate, please email us at: [email protected].